Successful Business Ideas in Kenya |Ten Businesses You Can START TODAY

Do you have a dream of starting a successful business in Kenya? Then this video is specifically for you.

Here is a list of ten businesses that you can start today. Their capital requirements range from businesses that require no capital to start, to those that require some good capital saved in order to start effectively.

An important theme though is to make sure that you do not over think the process of starting your own business.

Top Agribusiness Ideas in Kenya (Watch Video):

Photographer 1:07 This business requires a lot of passion, and also someone who can develop an eye for detail. It’s crucial to see what other people may not necessarily see. Learn photography by signing up for a training course through this link:

Motorcycle Business 6:03 There are different brands of motorcycles that you can buy that will serve you well. To buy an affordable motorcycle, visit the following link:

Online Tutor 8:35 If you are an expert in a given field, you can make money by teaching what you know. This way you can make money from your expertise. Click this link to start your journey as a trainer:

Farmer 10:55 Farming is a viable business that can make you loads of money if you do it well. Here is a link to an interview video we did with a poultry farmer recently:

Food Seller 12:38 If you are a good chef, then this business is perfect. You need regular clients who you cook for, and they pay you for your work. A friend of mine does this business. Check her out here:

Web Design 14:16 Computer whiz here is your chance to make a buck by making sure that each business has a mobile responsive website that brings value to its clients. Here is the company that is doing my website:

Wedding Planner 15:00 This is a relatively new business venture, where you make sure that you help brides and grooms plan their weddings, so they do not have to worry about anything. Here is one of my favourite wedding planners:

Tailor 16:59 If you make great designs and have a great fashion sense, you can make good money as a tailor.

Ice Cream Seller 18:24 This is a business that can do well in residential areas, where you sell ice-cream to children. It can also work outside a large Church on a Sunday.

Baker 19:38 As a baker, you can make cakes for events, such as birthdays, weddings, corporate events, etc. Here is a link to my favourite baker ever:

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