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How to Make Money without a Job by Serving People in the WORLD| Don’t Be a Hater + MINI RANT

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I get the question all the time, “Jon, how to Make Money without a job?” And the answer is simple… work for yourself as you would for your job. However, when you are working for yourself you are more passionate and you have the ability to give yourself a pay raise that a 9 to 5 job will never give you. But don’t get me wrong, if you love your job, stay there. You might just be watching this video to learn how to Make Money On the side of your job which is perfectly okay.

Keep in mind that when you are an entrepreneur your duty is STILL to serve humanity but the only difference is you get to control how YOU want to render that service. Isn’t that great? So you get to serve how you want and you get to serve as many people as you’d like without the restrictions of a 9 to 5 job. I truly enjoy being a life coach, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker (plus more) for this reason! Learning how to Make Money without a job can seem hard to do but it just comes down to you making a decision that you want to get started in your first business. Don’t let years and years go by while having awesome ideas in your head because you will get to a point where you will wonder “what if” you would have followed your dreams.

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See, you probably haven’t taken the gifts you have within you seriously because you don’t THINK people would want what you have to offer. But I’ve got news for you, not only do they WANT IT but society might NEED you to step into entrepreneurship and take control of your destiny. So get apart of a business today, invest into that life coaching program today, and learn something that your future self will thank you for.

You might even be wondering how to Make Money without a job while in college and that’s okay too. Realize it still comes down to serving people once again. And you can use the internet to get your product/service out there to the world.

Marketing marketing marketing is the key!!! I wish you prosperity, abundance, and success on this journey we call life!

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