how to make money online

How To Make Money Online – Full Guide

Need a social proof to see if this really works? First watch a video below of someone, who’s already using this method! We will get into details later on!

This is an ultimate guide to the financial freedom you have been always dreaming about. No BS, no hidden tricks, no promises. In this article you will learn on how to make money online within the first 7 days of your journey to successful online business.

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No matter if you sell physical products or info products – this technique applies to every single online business and it is 100% proven to work.

Nothing comes free. This process involves:

  • your time
  • a bit of money at the start
  • some creativity
  • patience

If anyone else offers you making money without anything mentioned above, you should steer away immediately, as most likely that person will try to scam you.

Ready to change your life? Let’s go!

First and foremost you need to have an idea of what you’re going to sell. This can be your own info product or physical product (either your own or dropshipped from another company).

Once you have picked your niche and type of product, there’s time to secure your business with a proper domain name and reliable hosting.

Blue Host will sort both problems for you. We recommend Blue Host because:

  • their uptime is always 99,9%
  • server interface is simple and user friendly
  • hosting packages are the cheapest one you could find in a long run
  • their support is outstanding – quick, friendly and always helpful
  • their servers are one of the quickest out there – and this is super-important when it comes to serving your clients.

You can register your domain and buy hosting by clicking HERE.

Important: Choose shared hosting if you’re a beginner. Choose VPS or dedicated server if you’re an advanced user.

Hosting will be ready for you right after your registration with Blue Host. Registered domain will need up to 24 hours to be fully activated. Once it’s active, you can start designing your site with a software of your choice (WordPress, Joomla, your own HTML & CSS design).

Your site will be active in 24 hours, so by that time you can focus on other steps. Time is important and you obviously don’t want to waste it. So now we jump to another, most important part of this guide. Stay focused, as this part is very crucial.

Your site will be new and no one out there will know that it exists. It will also take a lot of time for Google to start ranking your site (typically 6-9 months). You can track its progress and SEO using SEMRush.

Obviously you’re not going to wait that long to see any results of your hard work. You need audience right away without any waiting.

Now it’s the right time to buy an email list of active users that is cheapest possible. Your money is important and paying too much will only make you spending more than you should.

Emails 4 Less is the cheapest source of emails on the planet earth. You can get 25 000 emails for only $19,99, but this package is only for people starting out slowly.

You’re not starting slowly, so you will need to buy a list of 100 000 potential customers – this will cost you $49,99 what equals to $0,0005 per one email – crazy cheap right?? Yes, we know it, because we use this package too to scale up with our site!

Buy your first email list HERE

Now that you acquired your email list, you will need a tool to manage your email campaigns efficiently. We are talking about a serious tool that will manage for you sending emails, dealing with sales, updating your customers with their orders process and answering their questions – everything on auto-pilot.

You can try cheaper options, but no company can even stand a chance against GetResponse.

Watch this short video explaining how powerful GetResponse is:

GetResponse is like a gold mine for your business. Not only you can manage everything on auto-pilot, but you can also build lead pages, create advanced marketing campaigns etc.

Listing all features here would be overwhelming for you, so first sign up with GetResponse, as for now you will only use it to send emails with your product advertisement.

Let’s count up your spendings now:

  • domain and 1 year of hosting – around $60
  • email list – $49,99
  • GetResponse mailing campaign – $450 (only if you want to send all 100 000 at once, otherwise it’s way cheaper). Remember that this price applies to how big your email list is, not to how many emails you send each month. You can send 10 emails to each customer – 1m emails in total – and you will still pay the same price.

Total of what you spent is around $560,00.

Now let’s see how much money do you actually make. We will check three differently priced products: $20, $50 and a $100 product.

You are sending 100 000 emails. With an average CTR of 5% (that’s average, you may even get 10% or higher depending on your offer) you can expect, that 5 000 people will be interested in what you sell and they will visit your site.

Average STR (sell through rate) for an email campaign is around 3%. So out of 5 000 people visiting your site, you can expect 150 orders. This number can go higher depending on your product, but we just take an average numbers for now.

Example 1 – $20 product:

  • You spent: $560
  • 150 sales x $20 = $3000
  • Your profit: $2 440

Example 2 – $50 product

  • You spent: $560
  • 150 sales x $50 = $7500
  • Your profit: $6 940

Example 3 – $100 product:

  • You spent: $560
  • 150 sales x $100 = $15 000
  • Your profit: $14 440

See how easy that is? No one tells you things like that, because that’s the way all marketers make their money and they don’t want you to know how simple it is. Instead they will try to sell you useless courses teaching you how to make money online. And they will charge you a lot of money for it.

Instead of paying someone, keep the money for yourself. If you follow this guide, you will see results within the first 7 days of starting your email campaign. If you want to make even more money, simply repeat this process over and over again. Possibilities are endless.

Summary of all steps:

Buy domain and hosting

Buy cheap email list of active users

Sign up with GetResponse to kickstart your email campaign

Sit back and relax.

Always remember to not trust anyone offering you useless courses that will make you rich overnight. This guide is FREE and we will never charge a single cent for providing this information to you.

We would of course be very happy if you could share this guide on Facebook or any social media site, so other people will also have a chance to change their life.

Stop dreaming and start living! Read everything once again and start enjoying the life you always wanted to have!