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HostGator WordPress Setup Tutorial (Self-Hosted WordPress.org)

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Learn how to easily setup a free domain name and hosting at HostGator then use their 1-click WordPress install to make a WordPress website or blog. You can create a blog in about 25 minutes. Great for beginners and by far my favorite way to create a new WordPress website or blog in 2018.

Download Images: https://bit.ly/2PqSxsk

Get a bigger discount too so you pay under $3/month on a 12-month hosting plan. This is a better deal than GoDaddy, Bluehost and most other hosting providers.


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Get a discount through our limited time promotional page so you pay under $3/month on a 12-month hosting plan. This is a better deal than GoDaddy, Bluehost and most other hosting providers. It really is limited time too, discounts can go away at any time. We recommend the 12-month plan and grabbed that when we first signed up. You can also go through the main hostgator site to get the exact same hosting plans, and use hostgator coupon “BigBonus” to get a bigger discount if you do go this route.

🆚WordPress vs WordPress
Self-hosted WordPress is very different from the free WordPress.com version. Yes, both are free, but you need to get domain and hosting first (explained here) to use the .org version. It’s like having to setup a phone bill before using your Android or iPhone, kinda work, but quite liberating once done. If you are on WordPress.com wondering why you can’t setup plugins or craft pages with utter style using Elementor, it’s because you are on WordPress.com. Switch over using our WordPress migration video! https://goo.gl/RtmSvE

🖥️ Themes
Great themes are abundant. In this video we setup OceanWP theme which is free, lightweight, and super popping in 2018. We’ve also reviewed many stylish themes at the blog, check em out: https://goo.gl/KoJBem

🌐 Domain Names
This tutorial shows you how to register a domain at HostGator. But still works obviously if you have a domain from elsewhere in advance. Just enter than at HostGator in the other tab in step 1 (I Already Own My Domain) then proceed to register hosting. What will happen is HG sets up your account to match that domain. You just have to enter HostGator nameservers at your original domain registrar to connect em, and you’re good to go!

You definitely have it inside you already. But sometimes it helps to be reminded that you need to be the one to just jump around, have fun and be different, and others will follow: https://goo.gl/Vrj2Y7

💪 Get Free WordPress Help
The fastest way is through the youtube comments on any video. I stream them like it’s 2000 from my flip phone at all times and will see your question pronto. 🤳


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