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Blogging Course – From 0 to 1 Million Monthly Visitors, a Blogging Course for Beginners and Pros

In this mini blogging course, I will reveal how I built my little blog from zero to 1 million monthly visitors in less than 18 months after my first blog post.

Here is the special link to get access to the entire blogging course:

This mini blogging course is made up of four sections.

Section 1: How I Got to Where I am Today

I will quickly tell you how I got to where I am today in just six minutes. In my 30s, I became mentally and physically disabled. I went from running a multi-million dollar business to being almost $500,000 in debt. God put me in front of the right doctor and pulled me out of my mental abyss just in time to help my wife in her battle with breast cancer.

It took me several years after that to be healthy enough to start a business, and I knew that I wanted to build something that could run with or without me. That is what led me to blogging.

Section 2: Optimizing Blog Posts for Google

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you have to master optimizing your blog posts for Google search. There is no traffic like Google traffic. It will be responsible for the majority of your traffic, email subscribers, and money that you make from your blog. This mini blogging course breaks down the top six tactics I used to build an insane amount of residual Google traffic that comes to my blog every single month.

Section 3: Link Building

Even though the landscape of the Google algorithm has changed over the years, inbound links are still the top factor in the algorithm. In this section of the mini blogging course, I will break down the five link building tactics that pushed my blog’s traffic well beyond 1 million monthly visitors.

Section 4: An Overview of The Big Blogging Course

I will end the mini course by going over each of the 13 video modules that are included in the big blogging course. At the end, I will allow you to get two big bonuses that are only available through this special mini course on blogging.