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Best Indian Blogs to Read from Indian Bloggers with their Income Report

If you want to know about best Indian blogs https://bloggerspassion.com/5-indian-blogs-you-must-read-always/ and the guys behind those popular blogs, then you must watch this video.

With this video, we are aiming at sharing you the best Indian blogs from blogging, seo, technology, finance and other niches.

With this video, you will be able to know about the kind of topics these Indian bloggers are covering on their blogs and how much money they are able to make from their blogging efforts every month.

Here is the brief overview of Indian bloggers and their blogs that are covered in this video:

Amit Agarwal from Labnol.Org

Labnol.org is a very popular blog in technology niche. Amit started this blog in 2004 and is a well known blog not only in India but Internationally.

Harsh Agrawal: ShoutMeLoud.com

Harsh started ShoutMeLoud.com blog in 2008. And the kind of topics Harsh is covering on SML is around blogging, SEO, WordPress, web hosting, social media and affiliate marketing.

Varun Krishnan: Fonearena.com

Varun started Fone Arena in 2005 and is a very well known blog in tech niche. Varun writes about topics related to gadgets, computers and cameras on his blog.

Shradha Sharma: Yourstory.com

Shradha started Your Story blog in 2010. And the kind of topics she covers through her blog are Entrepreneurship, Business guidelines.

Arun Prabhudesai: Trak.in
Trak.in is the most popular business news blog started by America return Arun Prabhudesai.

Raju PP: Techpp.com

As the name suggest, Techpp is a technology blog started by Raju in 2008 and he is monetising his blog through Google Adsense and direct advertising.

Srinivas Tamada: 9lessons.info

Srinivas started this blog in 2008 and is specially about programming and web technologies.

Imran Uddin: Alltechbuzz.net

Imran Uddin started this blog in 2011 and writes about the topics related to latest tech updates, gadgets and mobile phone reviews.

Manish Chauhan: Jagoinvestor.com

Jago Investor is a popular blog in finance domain which was started by Manish in 2007.

Pradeep Kumar: Hellboundbloggers.com

Pradeep Kumar started this blog in 2007 and he writes on topics related to blogging and technology on Hell Bound Bloggers blog.

*Bonus* Anil Agarwal: BloggersPassion.com

I’m working on Bloggerspassion.com since 2010. I’m sharing the working tips around SEO, blogging and affiliate marketing related topics here. You must read my blog if you want to improve organic traffic on your blog or want to earn more money from your blog.

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